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The perfect time for a haircut? According to the lunar calendar!

When is the best time for a successful haircut?
Follow the lunar calendar - many women swear by it.

It sounds odd, but the fact is that many people align their daily lives with the lunar calendar.

The moon influences the tides, but does it also influence our bodies?
Followers of the phases of the moon say yes!

They believe that hair grows stronger and beauty treatments work better if we stick to certain times on the lunar calendar.

It's not scientifically proven, but let's give it a chance anyway.
After all, it can't do any harm!

The phases of the moon

The waning moon cleanses and releases and the waxing moon strengthens and builds.
As a result, hair grows back more slowly when the moon is waning and faster and fuller when the moon is waxing.
If you want fast hair growth, a cut during the waxing moon is recommended.

Zodiac signs

The signs of the zodiac also play an important role in the lunar calendar.
Thin hair is said to grow back particularly thick, strong and full when the moon is in the zodiac sign of Leo or Virgo when cutting hair.
Virgo influences growth.
Leo influences strengthening and thickening.
If you cut your hair in the right phase of the moon, your hair structure improves, greasy and brittle hair disappears and hair loss is reduced.

Daniela always follows the lunar calendar.
Cristina never does.

What about you? Are you more Daniela or more Cristina?
Let us know what you think! 


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