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The importance of the right shampoo: Healthy scalp = healthy hair

A healthy scalp produces a healthy hair.
In fact, the scalp is the organ from which hair is born, the one we often ask so much of, to be strong, beautiful and shiny!

Learning to take care of the scalp is the first step towards achieving beautiful, but above all healthy hair.

We often think that cleansing is a step that is not too important, a step that does not require too much attention and a step that does not help to ensure the beauty and health of the hair.

Cleansing is the fundamental step to start taking care of our hair.

It's the basis on which we build our home...

Let's start by looking at how to do it together.

The scrub.
Just as we usually use scrubs for the face, we should also regularly exfoliate the scalp. This gives the hair a healthy "ground" on which to grow.
It encourages tissue oxygenation and skin renewal; in problematic situations it rebalances the sebum and frees the hair bulb, facilitating hair growth.

Why do it?
The scalp, like the skin, is subject to a cell turnover every 4 weeks.
It is very useful when you suffer from dandruff, whether dry or oily, as it allows you to completely cleanse the skin and apply sebum-regulating, soothing or curative packs.

For example, I scrub my scalp at least once a month with Martha from My Sezione Aurea or with Biofficina Toscana's Active Conditioner, to which I add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to help me give a gentle but effective scrub.
During periods when I'm particularly stressed I often have mild dandruff and so I scrub every 15 days.

We're talking about "washing" and not just "shampoo" because we can also wash our scalp using alternative methods.

Alternative hair washes come to our rescue in the summer, for example, because we have to wash our hair every day after going to the beach or because we sweat more; but they are also a great help for all those people who, for various reasons, have to wash their hair every day.

By using an alternative wash we protect the scalp and do not stress it.
Alternative hair washes allow us to cleanse our hair every day without damaging it. Because although we can't use shampoo every day, it doesn't mean that we can't cleanse our hair every day.

But what is an alternative wash?
It is a wash that contains milder surfactants, or even no surfactants at all (saponins from washing herbs and clays are used). We often find alternative washes on the market under the name of Co-wash (washing with conditioner), as conditioners often contain very mild surfactants that do not produce foam with a conditioning action, and are used in this type of ready-made product to cleanse the skin gently.
Alternative washes do not usually lather.

What can alternative washes be?
To start with, we can use ready-made products such as CoWash by Biofficina Toscana or Rossella - No Poo by My Sezione Aurea and if we like something even lighter to use every day, Gel Was by Parentesi Bio is perfect!
For those who want to try their hand at preparing their own wash, we must mention the washing herbs and ghassoul (Moroccan clay).
Among the washing herbs we have Shikakai, Aritha and Sidr from Le Erbe di Janas.

Remember, however, that we live in a world unfortunately full of smog and pollution and for this reason we need a deeper wash, which is why we really cannot do without shampoo.

The shampoo.
In order to choose the right shampoo for us we really need to understand what type of scalp we have.
Once again: we need to pay a lot of attention to our scalp and care for it because it is the only "living" part of our hair - the hair bulbs.

Your scalp can be:
Oily: so we need purifying shampoos; this type of shampoo also helps to obtain more volume. Parentesi Bio's Nettle and Burdock Shampoo or Parentesi Bio's Purifying Solid Shampoo, as well as Anarkhia Bio's Hair Shock Water or Sjampoe Water, the purifying solid shampoo, also by Anarkhia Bio or also Clarifying Shampoo by GYADA Cosmetics

Dry: choose a moisturising shampoo, such as Parentesi Bio's Restorative and moisturising shampoo with keratin and linseed oil, or Parentesi Bio's moisturising solid shampoo but also the Anti-Frizz Shampoo by GYADA Cosmetics.

Reddened: so we need a nourishing and soothing shampoo such as Parentesi Bio's Nourishing Solid Shampoo or Biofficina Toscana's Gentle Shampoo.

Normal: we choose a nourishing or volumising shampoo, for example Hair Shock Air by Anarkhia Bio, or Sofia - Volumising Shampoo by My Sezione Aurea or also the Volume Shampoo by GYADA Cosmetics.


So... we don't think that it's only the styling products that make our hair beautiful, shiny and full-bodied, but we start with the shampoo.


Healthy scalp = healthy hair!


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