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Elasticity of the hair: what it is and how to achieve it

The elasticity shows us what our cortex is like.
The cortex is the inner layer of our hair, just after the cuticle. Inside is the hair marrow.

But what is elasticity?

Elasticity is the property that allows a body to deform under the action of an external force and - if the deformations are not too great - to return to its original shape when the cause of the deformation disappears.
If the body resumes exactly the original shape, it is flexible/elastic; if not, it is not flexible/elastic.
An elastic body is more resistant to the forces acting on it.

To test elasticity, take a single strand between thumb and forefinger and stretch the hair.
Healthy hair can be stretched by 1/3 of its length and springs back to its original state.

How can I keep my hair elastic?

1- Keeping the cuticle (i.e. the outer part of the hair) healthy is very important!
To maintain a healthy cuticle, you need to understand what type of hair you have: check its porosity. Read more about this topic here.
If the cuticola is damaged anyway, we cannot rebuild it, but buffer it with protein products.
For example:
Urca Gel Mask, Coccoliva, Strawberry & Cream Mask and make hair packs with oils.

2- Make elastic hair packs.

Our favourite elastic wrap is with Orsolino by Parentesi Bio, a very fragrant solid butter for hair and body in the shape of a doughnut!
Orsolino is also a film-forming product that will help you moisturise your hair.

How to make it?

1- Moisten the hair with water
2- Apply a light layer of Orsolino to the lengths.
3- Leave on for at least 30 minutes and then wash your hair. In this case, you should use a light conditioner so as not to make your hair too heavy.

And if you want to moisturise your scalp in the meantime, we suggest you apply the Urca Gel Mask by Parentesi Bio or Gel Mousse with 90% Linseed Gel by Parentesi Bio to your scalp.

Try it and you won't regret it!



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