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Exfoliation: the first step towards a flawless tan!

When you think of summer, the association with the sun and a tan comes naturally. But, a healthy, intense and long-lasting tan requires careful attention.

Where do you start?
With the right exfoliation!

Exfoliation is one of the keys to smooth, healthy-looking skin.
And especially in summer, beautiful, smooth legs can play a major role in making us feel more comfortable in a summer dress or on the beach.

In summer, skin tends to dry out more easily due to the heat, especially in direct sunlight.

We can help it not only with sunscreen applied in the right amount and frequency, but also by moisturising and nourishing the skin and staying away from any stress, even self-inflicted stress like exfoliation!

By removing dead cells, exfoliation revitalises the complexion and makes the tan more radiant and even. But it must be done at the right time and in the right way. Because if it is done during the time of sun exposure, it removes the barrier that the skin builds to protect itself from the sun's rays. This could increase the risk of blemishes and sunburn.

Ideally, you should exfoliate as a preventative measure, about 7-10 days before exposure, to remove dead cells and prepare the skin.

Exfoliation is your best ally when it comes to preparing the skin for a healthier and longer lasting tan: if you expose yourself to the sun without exfoliating the skin first, you can end up with a patchy, uneven and, most importantly, short-lived tan. By regenerating the skin cells instead, your tan will be prolonged.

It would be better not to do this on days of exposure to avoid the skin losing that extra barrier it has painstakingly built up. If you feel that your skin is particularly dry, it is better to apply sunscreen during exposure and after-sun after showering.

Similarly, it will be important to exfoliate your skin after returning from holiday to make your tan last longer.
The false myth wants exfoliation to eliminate the tan, but in reality it makes it more durable and homogeneous and eliminates the flaking caused by the sun.

What are our favourite body scrubs?

Of course: ScruBerry by Parentesi Bio and Romina by My Sezione Aurea.

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