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Fenugreek or methi: the powder with impressive beauty benefits

What is it?
Methi, also known as fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum), is a butterfly plant that grows up to 50 cm high and is anchored in the soil by strong roots. The plant, which flowers in June and July, has clover-like leaves and yellowish white flowers. The fruiting pods containing the seeds are characteristic.
Fenugreek originated in Mesopotamia. As a cultivated plant, however, it is grown from the Mediterranean to Central Asia.

Fenugreek is also an ancient medicinal plant, it was already used in Hippocratic medicine. In ancient Greece, fenugreek seeds roasted in barley oil were nibbled by philosophers and their students as a "thinking aid"; hence the occasional name "philosopher's clover".

In traditional Chinese medicine and other alternative medicine systems, fenugreek has been used for centuries to treat skin diseases and many other ailments.

In India and Arabia, methi is still used as a food. The seeds are an ingredient in curry powder and are often used to flavour bread dough.

IMPORTANT: Here we will not talk about it as an ingredient in our food or medicine.... but we will talk about it as an ally of beauty!

The methi mainly composed of carbohydrates, including mainly fibre and mucilage, as well as proteins and fats. The plant is characterised by a high copper content. Other important active substances are various enzymes, essential amino acids, vitamins C and E, ß-carotene, protease inhibitors, minerals, saponins, tannins, flavonoids, and essential oils.

Perfect for hair and skin, once you try it you can't stop.
Methi is very useful for reducing skin signs and blemishes. If you have stubborn blemishes on your face, you should use something natural like fenugreek leaves.
It has high nourishing and elasticising power.
Perfect firming for the face, neck and décolleté.
Thanks to its high phyloestrogen content, this herb is considered an excellent ally for combating hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

-It is moisturising and conditioning.
-Anti-inflammatory, sebum aggregator.
-Washes and disinfects.
-Gives more volume to the hair.

NOTE: Pregnant women should consult a doctor before use.

Let's see how we can prepare a face and hair pack with fenugreek powder.

We need: a wooden spoon, a container, plastic or silicone whips, a biodegradable plastic bag or shower cap (which can be reused every time because we care about the environment) and a warm hat that we don't want to wear anymore.
For the amount of powder to use, learn the right amount for your hair and face.
Remember that the compound "grows" as we hydrate it.
I have medium to long hair and use about 4 tablespoons of powder. If it progresses, you can always freeze.

Pour the powder into a plastic container and gradually add very hot water, stirring with a silicone whisk or wooden spoon.
Stir well, turning vigorously and gradually adding water.
Allow at least 12 hours for the container to moisten by covering it.
The perfect consistency is that of yoghurt.

For the hair:
Spread on the scalp and length of hair.
Wrap the hair in a roll, cover with a shower cap or biodegradable rubbish bag, cover with a woollen cap to keep the wrap warm.
Give it at least 40 minutes.
Simply rinse with water.
Add a conditioner if necessary.
Do NOT use shampoo afterwards.

For the face:
Apply to the face.
Leave on for 15 minutes and then wash with warm water.
Enjoy your soft and silky hair and smooth and supple skin!

And you can find out which is our favourite here!
And remember... if you need help or want to ask for more: write to us!

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