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Hydration: what it is and why it is important

How many times have we touched our hair and exclaimed: "It's really dry!".
It's a problem we almost all have...

There are many reasons for this, including the use of straighteners, unsuitable treatments or chemicals.

Dry hair is dehydrated hair and the alarm bells of dehydrated hair are: dull hair, frizzy and rough to the touch: straw.

How can we remedy this? By hydrating, of course.

But do we really know how to do this properly? 
What are the hydrating ingredients in a DIY product or in a finished product?
Let's find out together...

Hydrating can take place through the direct addition of water or through the use of substances capable of maintaining the correct level of moisture in the hair shaft.

Among the most hydrating substances that we can use for do-it-yourself solutions are:
- Gels (e.g. linseed gel or aloe gel);
- Honey and sugar (for example, I always add a tablespoon of honey or sugar to my herbal hair-pack, especially henna);
- Fruit: especially kiwis and apples.

Ready-made products that bring more moisture to our hair include:
- Methi which releases mucilage and has a conditioning effect; 
- Gond katira >> Read more about The Magic of Persia here
- Cactus Pear & Saffron Moisturising Hair Mask by Le Erbe di Janas
- Urca Gel Mask by Parentesi Bio
- Gel Mousse with 90% linseed gel by Parentesi Bio

To provide moisture, we can make pre-shampoo packs or use moisturising ingredients such as gels as styling aids.

However, we often hear the question: "How often should I make packs?" or "How much moisture should I bring?".
There are no answers to these questions other than one: All hair is not the same! 

Every hair is different, so each of us has to experiment, try things out and understand what we need.

For example, I alternate post-shampoo wraps with methi (which, as you may know, is my favourite powder because it also stimulates growth), which I often prepare with flaxseed gel, with the Prickly Pear and Saffron mask by Le Erbe di Janas, and I always add a moisturising product for styling (usually a ready-made product like Urca Gel Mask).

Experiment, try and have fun! 

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