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Well-groomed feet: Summer pedicure - 5 tips to do it at home.

Well-groomed feet without a beauty salon.
Your feet are not yet ready for the sandal season?
We show you what to look out for and what you need for your pedicure.

1. Foot bath: cleanses and cares.

Every pedicure starts with a foot bath.
You first need a foot bath so that calluses can be removed easily and the subsequent care can take effect even better.
Fill a small tub with warm water and bathe your feet in it for about 10 minutes.
Simply add some olive oil to the water. The oil makes the skin supple and receptive to the care that follows.

2. Remove calluses.

Now that the skin is nice and soft, you can remove the calluses very easily with a pumice stone.
A peeling will also help you to reliably remove the callus.
You can easily make an effective peeling yourself: mix sugar with organic sweet almond oil from Le Erbe di Janas and rub your feet with it. The sugar removes dead skin particles, while the olive oil has a nourishing effect and prepares the feet for further pedicure treatments.
After exfoliating with the paste, rinse your feet with water.

3. Shape nails

After the bath, the nails are softer and can be easily cut or shortened with nail clippers. Be careful if your nails are too short: the nails should always end at the level of the tip of the toe - if the nails are shorter, this encourages ingrown corners.
Follow the natural shape of your nails, but file straight rather than round. 

       4. Nail polish.

       5. Soften your feet with cream.

For soft feet, it is important to apply cream at the end of the pedicure treatment. Our current favourite: Repair Hands and Feet by Latte e Luna.
After applying the cream, put on cotton socks and leave them to soak in overnight: for particularly nourishing feet!

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