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Hair loss: why it happens and how to prevent it

One question we all ask ourselves is: why does hair fall out?

Hair falls out because it too has a life cycle.
We all lose hair during the day - about 100.

There are 3 phases in the life of hair: 

Anagen: growth phase that determines a person's maximum hair length (influenced by genetic, environmental and nutritional factors), lasting 2-4 years for men and 3-6 years for women. 

Catagen: during this period the follicle stops its proliferative activity and the hair no longer grows. The duration of this phase is very short, on average around 2-3 weeks.

Telogen: during this period the follicle is completely inactivated. The hair is still inside the follicle, but anchored by weak intercellular ligaments that soon fall away under the pressure of the new hair. At the end of this phase, the follicle resumes its activity, entering the anagen phase and generating a new hair. The average duration of this period is three months.

In spring and especially in autumn, hair loss is generally more intense. 
We often look at the brush full of hair and get scared, but beware! As long as there is an even turnover of hair and new hair, and the hair loss does not last too long, everything is normal.

Many of us lose more hair at different times of the year. I, for example, lose more in summer... You always have to know and understand your body to take care of it.

Do I use tricks to lose less hair or to stimulate growth?
Of course I do, but BEWARE... these tricks are for people with normal seasonal hair loss, and cannot replace medical advice.

Obviously, nutrition is very important. 
Lots of vitamins and water: fruit, vegetables, pulses and cereals galore!

Have you ever tried Ayurvedic herbs? 
Ayurvedic herbs have fantastic properties: volumising, strengthening and anti-fall. Among them: methi, brahmi, bhringraj.

Oils? Castor oil is famous for its anti-fall properties. 

The Earth Line of Anarkhìa Bio: Hair PackHair SchockCassia GelHops Bier Spray.

Luisanna of My Sezione Aurea: it acts specifically on the follicles, helping to fortify them, preventing them from falling out and restoring their normal hydro-lipid balance.

A little attention: don't tie your hair up too tightly, don't use a hair dryer that's too hot and avoid straighteners and curling irons. 

Try also the Invertion Method

What tricks do you have?
Do you have any doubts or questions? Don't hesitate to contact us! 

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