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Inversion Method: activate hair growth and stop hair loss

Do you want to grow your hair faster?
One of the most popular methods is the "inversion method".

Why this method is said to actually make hair grow faster?
The increased blood circulation to your scalp invigorates dormant hair follicles and thus activates growth.
There is no scientific evidence to prove or disprove faster hair growth using the inversion method.

The only tool used in the Inversion Method is simply oil.
You probably know that oil is generally good for the hair.
For this special hair care you can use argan oiljojoba oilcoconut oil or castor oil, which is known to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.

How do you do it? Let's find out together....

1) Choose your oils (click here to see our favourites).

2) Massage the hair oil directly into the scalp rather than into the lengths and ends.
And, very important, upside down!
The pores open up due to the increased blood circulation of the upside down position, the oil is absorbed particularly well and thus its care properties can work properly.

3) Massage gently, always upside down.
Gently massage your scalp (so you don't accidentally pull your hair out and damage the follicles) with your fingertips. Move your fingers in small clockwise and anticlockwise circles. You can also use your palms to cover a larger area.
Massage your hair for four minutes, every day for 7 days a month.
Using the oils is not necessary every day (we don't want to wash our hair every day).
You can use the oils on the day you plan to wash your hair and massage without the oils on the other days.

4) Straighten slowly.
If necessary, leave on for a while longer by wrapping your head first with a shower cap, then with the towel.
The heat is said to intensify the conditioning effect.

5) Rinse your hair thoroughly and wash out all the oil.
A little secret tip to get rid of oils better is to use conditioner before shampoo!

When should I not use the Inversion Method?
Keeping the head down for a long time is not ideal for people with blood pressure problems.

Can the Inversion Method work for hair loss?
There is no scientific evidence to support the Inversion Method.
Hair growth is actually genetic.
But it certainly has a nourishing effect as well as a beneficial effect on the scalp.
I find a lot of relaxation when I practice this method in times of high stress because my scalp hurts, or when I have my hair up for a long time.

And you knew him? Are you going to try it?




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