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Styling methods for Hair

It is not only important to apply styling products, but also 'how' to apply them. 

To start with, you need to understand "when" to apply them, in other words:
1. on wet hair (immediately after washing, still dripping with water)
2. on towel-dried hair (after washing, wrap and towel-dry your hair)

Then we define the amount of product to apply:
1. a little product, roughly distributed
2. a lot of product, well distributed throughout the hair

Another important point is: how much do your hair like to be "touched"? 
1. they prefer to be handled as little as possible
2. they prefer to be handled all the time while drying

When to apply the product, how much to apply and how (i.e. which method we will see in a moment) is really subjective.
Our hair responds differently, so each of us will have to experiment.

If you already know that your hair is type "1", i.e. it needs very little product and doesn't want to be touched in order to look good and be in shape, then simply apply the product to the whole head of hair after warming it up and dividing it between your hands and then scrunching.
If you want to get more volume, do it upside down.

What is scruch
Scrunch consists of putting your hand under your hair and picking it up, making a bottom-up movement by "crumpling" and "squeezing" it in your hand.

Is your hair not so easily manageable? 
Would you like to try something new?
Then try these styling methods and have fun seeing how your hair reacts.

     Praying Hands

It is a Brazilian pre-drying technique that defines the hair a lot.

Who is it recommended for?
For those who have a lot of hair, very curly and very frizzy.
If you have wavy hair, try it anyway!

After washing and towelling your hair, apply a mix of leave-in cream and a vegetable oil of your choice.
We recommend Tati by My Sezione Aurea with Jojoba or Coconut Oil by Le Erbe di Janas.

How do I apply it?
Take a lock of hair, apply the cream-oil mix to the whole lock, then slide your fingers inside the lock as if you wanted to brush it, separating the lock into other smaller locks.
Then scrunch the lock (from the bottom upwards) a couple of times.
Repeat this procedure on each individual lock and then blow-dry.
The result is a hair with a well-defined curl.

For the best styling seal, try scrunching your hair with a gel at the end. We recommend Kat Gel from Anarkhìa Bio.

This is another Brazilian pre-drying styling method. It's often great for those who didn't get on well with fitagem.
We reccommend: INNER Vitalising Curl Cream by La Saponaria

Who is it suitable for?
For those with afro or short curly and wavy hair.

It consists of applying a leave-in cream (or if you prefer a gel, but also a mousse) to each individual strand and shaping it with your fingers (practically twisting it around your finger).
Then proceed with the usual drying process.

Being a very long technique: arm yourself with patience! 
But be warned: those who have tried it assure a great result!

The name of this method tells us exactly in which order to apply the products:

L = liquid / leave-in

O = oil

C = cream 

Who is it recommended for?
For thick and porous hair.
It is not recommended for thin, porous hair, as it will not absorb the products well and will be weighed down.

The leave-in must be water-based, so we can use a gel or simply the water still dripping from the hair.
We recommend Urca Gel Mask by Parentesi Bio
Then proceed to apply your favourite oils (coconut, jojoba, sweet almonds).
Finally, apply the cream.
Divide your hair into large sections to better distribute the products throughout your hair.
This styling method provides a lot of moisture because it uses the oil and cream to seal it in.

I personally comb my hair in step L.
Be careful with the amount of product you use 

Clipping is the method that gives volume to the roots.

Who is it recommended for?
Everyone, but especially those with long, heavy hair.

It is quick and easy to do and can actually be used in combination with all the other methods.
This pre-drying method consists of placing clamps at the roots of the hair and lifting them up.

Try clipping after you have already applied your favourite products with your favourite method: you will get shape and volume!

Praying Hands
Great for reducing frizz on your curly hair and giving it more extension.

Who is it recommended for?
For those with a tight curl because it allows you to 'lengthen' the curl and it will look longer when dry.

Many use it more as a way of simply applying products.
Warm the products in your hands and then run your hands through your hair just as if you were praying, starting at the roots and ending at the ends.

Divide your hair into sections.

Which technique do you use?
Have you tried different ones?
Share your favourite with us! 


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