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How to take care of your eye contour?

The eye contour is a very delicate, thin, sensitive area that needs special care.

The eye contour has:


  • fewer sebaceous and sweat glands;
  • low collagen;
  • slower blood circulation and
  • less fatty tissue.

These factors, along with stress or our facial expressions, lead to bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

How to treat this area?
Let's find out together....

NEVER use face cream to treat the eye contour.
Face creams have a different ph than the one suitable for the contour and could irritate the eyes;
they do not have the specific active ingredients to improve the condition of bags and dark circles;
they are not nourishing enough for this area.

Products formulated for the eye contour are:



  • rich in nourishing, moisturising and decongesting ingredients; 
  • help microcirculation and prevent fluid stagnation.

How to use it? 
Gently tap the product onto the eye contour with your ring fingers until absorbed. 

Which products do we recommend? 
Active serum anti-ageconcentrated restructuring of the eye contour.
Condensing, restoring, soothing. Also in stick

Filler Gel Attivo - Primer for eyes and lips: Active gel filler relaxes and smoothes expression lines.
Rich in natural antioxidant extracts, it is ideal for redensifying a dull and pronounced eye and lip contour, instantly giving the skin a smooth and radiant effect.

Palma - Eye and Lip Contour: for a relaxed, plump eye contourHigh-quality ingredients that help to restore tissue and reactivate the elasticity of the dermis, making the skin plump, fleshy and firm from the first applications.

WOW 3in1 Eye Contour Cream: Refreshing Care with Caffeine & Hyaluronic Acid
A sophisticated mix of natural active ingredients gives the eye area new energy and a fresher look

Buongiorno Principessa - Augen- und Lippenkonturcreme, abschwellend: Es hilft, Tränensäcke zu reduzieren und die Augenlider zu glätten.
Die Augen wirken ausgeruhter und jünger.
Es ist auch sehr effektiv auf der Lippenkontur.

Salve Regina - Augen- und Lippenkonturcreme - Straffende, liftende Wirkung: Wirkt großartig bei einer ausgeprägten Augenpartie mit dunklen Ringen.
Reich an Ölen und pflanzlichen Buttern, die dieses Produkt zum perfekten Verbündeten machen, um den Bereich elastisch und hydratisiert zu halten.



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