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How do we choose the right products for our hair?

We all dream of Disney princess hair (whether it's Pocahontas: long, shiny and ultra-straight, or The Brave: curly, voluminous and rebellious, or Elsa: thick, always tidy and bright) but how can we achieve it?
We often go on a shopping spree and try lots of products just because some friend has told us about their miraculous results, but then that same product turns out to be wrong on us, very wrong.

Do you know why? Because every hair needs different things, because every scalp needs different things.

Let's try to make things clearer...

1. The first thing to do is to choose the right shampoo.
The shampoo should be chosen according to the condition of the scalp. It must be chosen carefully because the hair bulbs are the only living part of the hair. 
- Oily skin: purifying shampoo
- Dry skin: moisturising shampoo
- Irritated scalp: nourishing shampoo
- Normal skin: in this case I would aim for a shampoo that gives me volume and alternate it with a strengthening shampoo (this is exactly my case).

2. Conditioner and/or mask.
The conditioner and mask should be chosen according to the lengths (shaft) as they should only be applied here.
- Bleached or treated
- Frizzy
- High or low porosity

3. Styling.
Styling should be chosen according to the result you want to achieve, always bearing in mind the condition of the hair shaft. 
- Creams: suitable for thick hair.
- Gels: suitable for hair that weighs down easily.
- Mousses: for hair that needs more definition.

They can also be mixed, so remember to play around! 

Keep in mind that:
- Oils do NOT moisturise, but they do coat the hair and "seal" it.
They help keep your hair more moisturised because they retain water inside. They also help keep the hydrolipidic film intact, making the hair more elastic.
- Hair is NOT nourished, in the sense that it is made up of dead cells that cannot regenerate themselves. If they are very damaged: give them a cut! To help coat and close the scales and thus keep it healthy, we can use ayurvedic herbs and oils.
- Dry and frizzy hair needs moisturising substances!

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