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Henna (ultra-cool shade)
Le Erbe di Janas

Henna (ultra-cool shade)

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Depending on your base (natural) hair colour, henna lends a beautiful shade of red:

  • Intense red on light brown hair
  • Mahogany / cherry red on medium brown hair
  • Cherry / violet blue nuances on dark / black hair
  • Cold copper red on blonde hair

Lawson content: >1.40%

The powder has an extremely fine consistency and contains no coarse fibres. Therefore, it is easy to blend into a creamy, fine paste and washes out just as easily.

The term "henna" primarily refers to the plant called Lawsonia inermis. It contains the colouring molecule Lawson, that attaches itself to the keratin layer of the hair shaft. Thus, hair is both protected, volume enhanced and dyed at the same time. Henna also has a balancing effect on the skin's own sebum production and is effective against dandruff.

This product is 100% natural and therefore completely free from sodium karyatate or other chemical additives.


  • Depending on hair length and density, mix the required amount of henna with hot water until a creamy paste is formed.
  • Add half a spoonful of vinegar or lemon juice, mix well and cover for 12 hours (6 hours during summer).
  • Then apply to clean, dry hair, leave on for 1-3 hours and rinse with plenty of water thereafter.
  • The use of shampoo is not necessary. If the hair is very dry, a small amount of conditioner can be used.
  • Henna can also be mixed with hot water and applied immediately.
Vegan OK


  • Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) Leaf Powder

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